Concerts / ECM+: Pont de papillons

  • February 21, 2009
    7:30 pm
Salle de concert — Conservatoire
4750, avenue Henri-Julien

Works by Bédard, Dufort, Gonneville, Luna Ponce, Ortiz, Saint-Denis, Sigal.

Honorary Patron: Hubert Reeves

Music from the high skies! The yearly journeys of Monarch butterflies between Quebec and Mexico have grown into an eco-musical theme for Véronique Lacroix, director of ECM+ (Ensemble contemporain de Montréal+), who has brought together 13 musicians, 7 composers, and 3 videographers from both places. With no fewer than 7 premieres, this concert represents a unique marriage between music and the new technologies that have shed light on the fragile beauty of our environment and an endangered species. A prelude to the concert — a documentary on Monarch butterflies. ECM+ has produced innovative multi-disciplinary concerts, presented ensembles and young guest soloists, and pushed the envelope of musical creativity since it was founded in 1997.



  • Gabriela Ortiz, Vitrales de Ambar (2009)
    flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, viola, and cello
  • Armando Luna Ponce, Juegos de mariposas (2009)
  • Martin Bédard, Imago (2009)
    flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, viola, cello, and fixed medium
  • Michel Gonneville, Relais papillons (2009)
    five instruments
  • Patrick Saint-Denis, Soul Vector (2009)
    flute, clarinet, violin, cello, Fender Rhodes piano, and fixed medium
  • Louis Dufort, Pulsacion (2009) (Louis Dufort, video)
    percussion, video, and fixed medium
  • Rodrigo Sigal, Wing of Wind (2009)

Coproduction ECM+ / Conservatoire de musique de Montréal / MNM