Médanos (Argentina), 1934 – New York City (New York, USA), 2019

After studying in Buenos Aires and then with Aaron Copland at the Berkshire Music Center, Davidovsky worked in the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center, He taught at the University of Michigan, the Di Tella Institute in Buenos Aires, the Manhattan School of Music, Yale, Columbia University, and Harvard. Early on he was influenced by the Second Viennese School. But the discovery of electronic music became the determining factor in the evolution of his aesthetics. He is known for his compositions combining instruments and live electronics, and especially for his “Synchronisms” where the performer interacts with electronics through instrumental extended technique. Mario Davidovsky was not interested in electronics for their «sound effects» as such, but in the instrument-electronic continuity and the expressivity that it allowed. His music, «freely disciplined and with unlimited possibilities» is remarkable for its vitality, concentration, spontaneous development and simplicity.

[Source: Ircam-Centre Pompidou, 1999]