Bordeaux (Gironde, France), 1969
Composer • Performer (violin)

Benjamin de la Fuente received his initial training in music from the regional conservatory in Toulouse, where he earned premier prix in orchestration, analysis, and electroacoustic composition. He entered the Paris conservatory in 1994, studied composition with Gérard Grisey and generative improvisation with Alain Savouret, and eventually earned premier prix in both subjects. At the same time, he completed a master’s degree in musicology at the Université de Paris VIII, and took part in IRCAM’s 1998-99 Cursus de composition before taking up residence at the Villa Médicis in Rome. For the past several years, La Fuente has devoted the greater part of his artistic effort to the development of poetic virtues in mixed musical genres, through experiments in different modes of perception and their effect on human memory. La Fuente has worked with TM+, Itinéraire, the Ina-GRM, the Châtelet, the Orchestre national de Lyon, the Orchestre national de Cannes, Les Percussions de Strasbourg, Concert impromptu, and the Pytagore ensemble.

As an active violin improvisation artist, La Fuente has appeared as a guest at a number of festivals, including: Musique action (Vandœuvre-les-Nancy), Musique et quotidien sonore (Albi), Son-/mu 98 (Ina-GRM), the Festival de Bourges, and the Jeune Talents festival (Gonesse). He is also a co-founder of the Sphota ensemble.