Nelson (British Columbia, Canada), 1982
Composer • Performer (piano) • Writer

Born in the Kootenay Valley region of British Columbia Keiko Devaux started her classical piano music studies at the age of 5. She furthered her studies in jazz & other contemporary styles at BC’s renowned Contemporary Music and Technology program.

Keiko Devaux started her music career with the formation of the group People for Audio. They started off as an instrumental trio exploring various styles later coming into full formation with 5 members (including a live visual artist) to tour North America. The group eventually settled in Montréal and released two full-length albums.

In 2006 Keiko joined the Ottawa group, the Acorn, on piano/organ & marimba where she has written and recorded on two albums, music videos, performed on CBC radio, and toured extensively in North America and Europe.

In 2008 she composed and arranged music for a piano and taiko duo with taiko—drummer/percussionist Vivien Nishi (Katari & Uzume Taiko) and in August the duo performed at the Vancouver Powell Street Festival. In March 2009 she performed in the trio Tukonomyi arranging traditional Japanese folk pieces, classical pieces, and 70s J-Pop for piano, harp, shamisen, flute, and shinobue.

Currently Keiko has been focusing on smaller more acoustic ensembles preparing a set of compositions for piano, koto, taiko, and shamisen. She is also working as a piano, ear-training, and music theory teacher.