Montréal (Québec)
Performer (electric guitar)

[iks] is a contemporary Jazz laboratory. Founded in July 1996 by a groupe of young musicians eager to share their vision of improvised music and create a personalised, contemporary language based on the riches of the past and the potentiel of the future. [iks] has released seven albums since its debut in 1999 (Punctum — 1997, une heure volée au Temps — 1999, le fil — 2000, le journal de sable — 2002, abstr/cncr — 2003, Inner Whatever — 2005 et le cauchemar de l’horloger — 2008), and has performed in many of the most prestigious jazz festivals worldwide including: Monterey Jazz Festival (United States), Festival de Jazz de Montreux (Switzerland), International Istanbul Jazz Festival (Turkey), Montréal International Jazz Festival.


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