Performer (ensemble)

Artistic Director: Major Denis Bernier

The Royal 22nd Regiment Band was founded in 1922 and originally comprised a group of twenty musicians from the ranks of the Royal Canadian Artillery Band conducted by Captain Charles O’Neil. The Band resided at Quebec’s Citadel until 1988, after which time it moved to the Canadian Forces Base at Valcartier near Quebec City.

Over the years, The Royal 22nd Regiment Band has acquired a prestige and renown that vastly transcends the borders of Quebec, extending to the rest of Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia. Because of the demand it receives for performances in a wide variety of venues, the group has developed a rich and diversified repertory that includes not only traditional military music and well-known classical works, but also film scores, popular music, jazz, and folk music.

The Royal 22nd Regiment Band is a professional group comprising thirty five musicians who are graduates of some of the leading music schools in the country. Since October of 1997, its Music Director and Commanding Officer is Major Denis Bernier, assisted by Chief Warrant Officer Marc Vigneault.

Source: The Royal 22nd Regiment Band