Montréal (Québec), 1999
Performer (string quartet)

A radically contemporary ensemble evolving in a perpetually effervescent music scene, the Quatuor Bozzini explores with equal enthusiasm the possibilities offered by the traditional concert setting as well as by more unconventional events. The group distinguishes itself by its open-mindedness toward the myriad artistic currents and disciplines of today.They indulge in taking risks and boldly venture off the beaten track, leaving commonplace ideas by the wayside. Passionate about their music-making, they win audiences over with their precise, supple and detailed playing. The quartet carefully builds up an uncompromising and diverse repertoire, never giving in to fashion. Since its inception, it has commissioned some hundred works and has premiered over one hundred and fifty. The guest of many international festivals, the Quatuor Bozzini also supports the younger generation of composers through workshops, notably their Composer’s Kitchen. The quartet hosts its own recording label, Collection QB, on which they feature various composers from Canada and abroad.