Palermo (Italy), 1947

Born in Palermo in 1947, Salvatore Sciarrino started studying music at age 12 with Antonio Titone and Turi Belifore. His music was first performed in 1962, at the Third International Contemporary Music Week in Palermo. He has received many prizes including the IGNM and Taormina (1971), Guido Monaco (1972), Cassadó, IGMN and Dallapiccola (1974), Anno discografico (1979), Psacaropoulos (1983), Abbiati (1983) and Premio Italia (1984). He was director of Bologna’s Teatro Communale from 1987 to 1990 and has has taught at the Milan, Perugia and Florence conservatories.The complete catalogue of his works, published by Ricordi in 1999, consists of 164 works, to which one must add opera librettos and a number of writings, including the book Le Figure della musica, da Beethoven a oggi (1998).

“Salvatore Sciarrino’s music evolves in a frontier zone, gripped by a fear of large uninhabited spaces, and especially of marine desert, at the edge of dreams, where being lies but still hesitates to give itself over to existence. This geography becomes flesh in an “imaginal” world, between the realm of earth and the realm of spirit, in the articulation between the intelligible and the sensual: the world of what the Latins called the caro spiritualis [spiritual corporality], where spirits become bodies and bodies spirits.”

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