Villeurbanne (Rhône, France), 1954
Visual artist (scenography, lighting)

He was born in 1954 in Villeurbanne — and has been lighting director in over 550 productions since 1981, collaborating with more than 100 directors, choreographers and musicians. The versatility displayed through these accomplishments and the growth of scenographic design not only in theatre but in dance have, since 1999, led to his increased involvement with activities related to machinery and the stage.

The diversity of his experiences, many of which took place abroad, has fostered an ability to adapt to various technical and material constraints, as well as to the various cultures he has encountered (productions in Germany, Belgium, Canada, China, South Korea, Croatia, Spain, United States, Great Britain, Greece, Iraq, Italy, Morocco, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Syria, Tunisia, Uruguay…). In the context of these activities, he has participated in recording a number of productions, as well as in the lighting of video and cinema stages.

Translation: Ariadne Lih [ii-11]