• Thursday, March 3, 2005
    9:15 pm

Jean Piché performs works by Piché.

Elektra is a leading-edge showcase of digital culture. The Montreal-based festival presents artists and works that combine innovative electronic music and creative imagery derived from new technologies (animation, installations and robotics). Elektra is a nexus where the latest in digital technology meets diverse mediums, such as music, video, cinema, design, gaming and sound/interactive installations. Artists from diverse backgrounds — composition, performance, dance, visual arts, etc. — are brought together by the festival, united by a shared keen interest in applying new digital technologies to art. At Elektra, they explore the melding of sound and image in all its various guises. While the event attracts avant-garde artists from around the world, it also shines the spotlight on home-grown talent, positioning Montreal as one of the North American hub for the electronic arts.

ACREQ (Association pour la création et la recherche électroacoustiques du Québec) was established in 1978. Since 1999, ACREQ has combined the various events it formerly presented throughout the year into a single event called Elektra, a digital arts festival. This has reinforced the association’s place in Montreal’s cultural landscape and provided invited artists with an exceptional framework in which to work. ACREQ continues to promote digital artists locally and internationally on a year-round basis.

As for Jean Piché, he has for some years been uniting moving images and music in a hybrid form that he terms videomusic… a truly explosive mix!

Production: ACREQ/Elektra



A Société de musique contemporaine du Québec (SMCQ) production.

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