Works by Eggert, Harman, Lanza, Rosselli and Stahnke.

As part of its 40th anniversary celebrations (and in tribute to the Conseil des Arts de Montréal which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year), the Ensemble de la SMCQ is putting on a party! The playful character of this must hear event is built out of the works chosen for it, where conventional instruments flirt with toy ones and objects from everyday life.

This is particularly true for Mauro Lanza’s Cane, on a poem by Amelia Resseli*: with soprano Ingrid Schmithüsen, an ensemble of traditional instruments comes face to face with a group of toy ones, the whole treated with real time electronic processing. The question is: who will wind up the winner? Childhood or technology?

The instrumentation of Interior at Petworth — a work by German composer Moritz Eggert, who will also be in Montreal for the festival — also has a few suprises in store. It represents the composer’s response to the lack of vitality in certain works of his time, and is particularly imbued with a sense of liberty.

Manfred Stahnke’s sextet Lumpengalerie is also playful, but in a whole other way: it is no less than “a gallery of rags,” in which both Western and Far Eastern music are used and reused. The rendezvous itself will be a surprise, even for the musicians who are invited here and there to move away from the score! With Harman’s America, the “game” with “another kind of music” is also part of the plan. Composed for an event held by the New Music Concerts entitled “All Canadian, Eh?,” this work delights in the use of clearly non Canadian material.

*Commissioned by McGill University’s Digital Composition Studio with the support of the Daniel Langlois Foundation.

Commissioned by the McGill Digital Composition Studio with the Daniel Langlois Foundation



Production MNM / SMCQ, in collaboration with the McGill Digital Composition Studio (Sean Ferguson, Director)

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