Works by Dufourt, Leroux and Stahnke.

The Nouvel Ensemble Moderne gets its concert underway with a small music box from Old Frankfurt and a musical tableau by composer Manfred Stahnke entitled Frankfurt Musicbox. Revolving around this time honoured folk object the music speaks at times in high unstable pitches, with a hiccupping rhythm, as a living being, with a tendency to melancholy in certain passages. The German composer will be present in order to make comments about his work, as will French composers Hugues Dufourt and Philippe Leroux, whose works are also featured on the programme. Also a renown philosopher, Dufourt will present Euclidian Abyss, a polemical work against geometry in art. The octet refers to the painting of the same name by American artist Barnett Newman (New York, 1905-70), and in a way reopens, in the field of music, the same issues sparked by the painting in the world of visual art. Philippe Leroux will present (d’)Aller, a “violin concerto” in which the soloist (Alain Giguère) takes the role of catalyst, shining through the elements of the orchestral matter in the same way that sunshine passes through stained glass. This is the second time the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne has presented (d’)Aller at the MNM Festival — a welcome opportunity for Montrealers to hear this major work again.



Coproduction MNM / NEM