Theatre of Voices performs Stimmung by Karlheinz Stockhausen.

Following its premiere in Paris in 1968, critics declared Stockhausen’s Stimmung to be “a hippy campfire.” But the composer described it as follows:

Here time is abolished. We listen inside the sound, within the harmonic specter, at the centre of the voice. Inside. The subtlest of undulations — barely bursting — every sense is awakened and calmed. Within the beauty of the sensual shines the beauty of the eternal.

Presented in Montreal by the SMCQ in 1971, the Danish ensemble Theatre of Voices will provide audiences with a new opportunity to live the experience of this 1960s cult work. Based on the repetition of names of deities in mysterious languages, it is truly a “ritual” for modern times.

The programme for this concert is a real must, all the more for being performed by one of the most renowned vocal ensembles on the international scene.



Production MNM in collaboration with Soundstream Festival (Toronto)

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