• Saturday, March 3, 2007
    9:00 pm

A presentation of Elektra and Usine C as part of Montreal’s La Nuit Blanche, Robot Coop features modified mixers, or, motorized puppets. The robots and their creators invade the stage at Usine C to deliver an eclectic performance. Automatons and robotics personnel collaboratively create a series of sonic and mechanical improvisations on the spot. In this highly varied concert, the robot functions at times as an instrument, at times as a musician.

Montreal audio artists will be part of this unusual event to modify the robot sounds in real time. Audiences can expect a performance driven by human energy and 120 electrical volts.


  • Robot Coop (2007), 360:00
    automatons, and robots

Production ACREQ/Elektra / Usine C, in collaboration with MNM

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