Tshakapesh by Marie Pelletier.

“In the evening the people gathered. The Innu — The Inuit nation is one of the largest First Nations in Quebec — enters and takes her place. Conversations still and silence falls. As though lost in her dreams, she remembers.” Composer Marie Pelletier recounts here the legend of Tshakapesh, hero of the mountain people. Through the voice of an Innu storyteller and accompanied by the 24-members of the Tactus choir and percussionists Philip Hornsey et Kristie Ibrahim, a First Nation’s narrator immerses listeners in a universe bound to captivate both old and young. Founded in 1997 by its current artistic director, François Ouimet, Tactus is a Montreal-based chamber choir that presents an exceptionally varied repertoire.



Coproduction Tactus / MNM