Paolo Bellomia and Orchestre 21 (O21) perform works by Orea Sánchez, Tremblay, Varèse and Zappa.

From Varèse to Tremblay: for this event Orchestre 21 will showcase Tremblay’s music alongside works by other major composers. The programme is based on determining encounter in the composer’s life that took place in Paris in 1952, when a barely 20-year old Tremblay came into contact with the fully mature Varèse. Rounded out with works by Zappa, the evening will feature a triptych of 20th-century musical monuments that will thrust listeners into a past that is still at our doorstep.



Production Orchestre 21

Founded and directed by Paolo Bellomia, Orchestre 21 is made up of 40 highly talented young Québecois musicians.