Works by Ceccarelli, Debussy, Hindemith, Le Jeune, Machaut, Miron, Tremblay and Young.

Creating a space for poets from every age, the VivaVoce vocal ensemble takes listeners on a journey through time, presenting poems set to music from the Middle Ages to the present. Composed on texts by Guillaume de Machaut and Gaston Miron, Gilles Tremblay’s L’Espace du Cœur finds a natural place amongst timeless musical gems.

Works by Machaut, LeJeune, Debussy, Hindemith, Poulenc, Karen Young, Isaiah Ceccarelli



Production VivaVoce

Directed by Peter Schubert, the VivaVoce vocal ensemble is renowned for its particularly eclectic repertoire, ranging from Gregorian chant to 21st-century music.

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