Standing Wave performs works by Lizée.

Notes Nicole Lizée: “During the 70s and 80, my vinyls, cassettes, VHS and Beta videos became worn out due to the overuse of the sounds and visuals which fascinated me. I wanted to capture them and merge them with concert music. This concert is thus dominated by a celebration of analog sound, reusing what was abandoned, erased and forgotten. The pieces also pay tribute to the beauty of the outdated machines — and their potential for dysfunction — and the degradation of media: film strips, movies, vinyl, reels, VHS/Beta, video games, etc. Sculptress pays homage to Delia Derbyshire, inspiring me to integrate past technologies into new contexts and to find notation systems for the traditional and the experimental. Hitchcock Études is premised on a long-time concern about the fallibility of media. Torn apart, and disjointedly reassembled, the soundtrack and the visual elements — fired by Hitchcock’s films — create a new audio landscape. This duality intrigues me.“



Production MNM, with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts