Iracema de Andrade and Rodrigo Sigal perform works by Álvarez, Lara, López Charles, Macías, Pichardo and Sigal.

In this concert, the search for sound mixes greatly involves real space with the virtual. The cello has a very wide potential, coupled with the possibilities of technology. According to Rodrigo Sigal, who devised this program: “I feel as though I am on a journey that goes beyond the senses.” Rompiendo el aire quieto draws its inspiration from a key stock of sounds and images: the insects of the Comala river, the birds of the Nevado de Colima, the night-environments of Ajijic, or Lake Chapala. Solipse presents a musical portayal of metaphysics. Two short films, Le Repas du Serpent (Gaumont, 1908) and Retour à la Raison (Man Ray, 1923) inspire a sound metaphor on the complicity of the voyeur, while Aún es tiempo de las mariposas campaigns against violence towards women. This concert aims to dialogue between the converted cello and the acoustic cello. In a broader sense, the music becomes an additional character, through whom the cello and electroacoustic sounds merge with humour, dynamics and gesture…



Coproduction MNM / Université Concordia / CMMAS

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