Elisabeth Remy Johnson performs works by Bonis, Makdissi-Warren, Mozetich, Prokofiev, Salzedo, Schumann and Selleck.

Elisabeth Remy Johnson, Principal Harp of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, will present a solo program of works for harp which portray or evoke images from the psyche or nature. Opening with two contrasting pieces by Carlos Salzedo (“Quiétude” and “Inquiétude”), the program moves to a contemplative “Romance” by the great Clara Schumann, whose 200th birth anniversary is celebrated in 2019. From Mel Bonis’s “Femmes de Légende” series, Ms. Remy Johnson has transcribed two movements: Mélisande and Desdémona, following this with Prokofiev’s poignant “Romeo bids Juliet farewell” from his ballet music for “Romeo and Juliet.” Two images tied to water follow — Katia Makdissi-Warren’s “La Dame du Nil”, an evocation of Egypt’s only female Pharoah, and Johanna Selleck’s “Spindrift”, which takes inspiration from both nature and ancient Greek mythology. The program closes with Marjan Mozetich’s “Songs of Nymphs”. He writes that the piece was originally intended as technical studies, but in the heat and noise of a city summer, his thoughts instead turned to the spirits of nature too often ignored in our modern day.



A production of St. Catherine’s Episcopal Church