Dive into a lyrical and immersive sleepless night! Marie-Annick Béliveau, Simon-Pierre Gourd and André Éric Létourneau invite you to explore the vocal universe at the 2nd edition of La Grande Nuit with its theme ”voice and immersion”. This unique sensory experience will gather seasoned singers and composers under a sound dome where spatialized and immersive music will follow one another. This 3-part concert-event will allow you to stroll through Quebec’s vocal creation history alongside Walter Boudreau, and delve into the most varied soundscapes before celebrating the 30th anniversary of the lyrical company Chants Libres. Not to mention a participatory work by our honoured Homage Series composer which will add an even more collaborative aspect to this unifying event.



  • Works and creations by:

    Sandeep Bhagwati, John Coulter, Gabrielle Couillard, Ricardo Dal Farra, Jean Décarie, Chantal Dumas, Suzie Gagnon, Simon-Pierre Gourd, André Éric Létourneau, Katia Makdissi-Warren, Brian McCorkle, Alexandre Pariseau, Kasey Pocius, Alexandre St-Onge, Xavier Tremblay.

    Excerpts from works by:

    José Evangelista, Madeleine Leclair, Pierre Michaud, Kristin Norderval, Giacinto Scelsi, Zack Settel, R. Murray Schafer, Ana Sokolović, Alain Thibault, Gilles Tremblay.

Co-production GRMS (Groupe de recherche-création sur la médiatisation du son) / Société de musique contemporaine du Québec / Hexagram-UQAM / Chants Libres / Collaboration with — Montréal en Lumière / Nuit Blanche — Radio-Canada

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