• Sunday, February 28, 2021
    2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
    • Online event
    • Live
    • Conference…

Associated with the La Grande Nuit concert and the Beyond Borders theme, two colloquiums are brought together to explore, each in their own way, going beyond borders and scales that cross sound, musical and social universes. Thus, sound creators, researchers and thinkers will be invited to reflect in two stages on different aspects related to this theme.

The Sound Media Beyond Borders conference consists of reflecting on and studying how sound media and music can help us understand and apprehend new perceptual, temporal, geographic, climatic and biological frontiers (of which COVID-19 is a manifestation). Through each of these themes, humans are confronted with scales that are beyond their comprehension.

Artists and researchers will try to answer questions concerning: going beyond borders in the field of sound or in the research-creation process; The paradigm according to which artists must shift or extend the horizons of expectations; Explore or transgress borders or limits.

Presented by Simon-Pierre Gourd - GRMS as part of the “GRMS La Grande Écoute” series.


Production GRMS (Groupe de recherche sur la médiatisation du son), in collaboration with matralab, Hexagram and MNM