José Evangelista (2017-18 Season)

Spotlight on one of our composers! Musicians and artists from all genres are invited to perform works from the honored composer’s repertoire during the 2017-18 concert season.

José Evangelista [Photo: Justine Latour]

José Evangelista pursues an artistic path by which he has explored ways of making music based exclusively on melody. Hence he has developed a heterophonic writing, both for instruments and orchestra, in which the melodic line generates echoes of itself and creates an illusion of polyphony.


  • Wednesday, June 6, 2018
    After a rehearsal of Manuscrit trouvé à Saragosse, Walter Boudreau and Lorraine Pintal talk to us about this great opera of José Evangelista.… Continued
  • Tuesday, April 17, 2018
    Three artists featured in our next event La porte — Joao Catalao, Virginia Mongeau and Dominic Thibault — have opened the door of their rehearsal studio! Immerse yourself in their world brie… Continued
  • Wednesday, March 21, 2018
    For the concert Par 5 chemins…, the SMCQ has commissioned 5 composers to create works focused on the accordion, within the context of the Homage Series dedicated to José Evangelista. Discover what… Continued

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