Myths and Legends

Legendary, twentieth-century music giants come together in 4 concerts! From the cosmic (Stockhausen and Xenakis) to the mystical (Messiaen and Vivier) by way of the timelessly rebellious (Cage, Thibault, Yes, King Crimson, ELP, and Genesis), the SMCQ will revisit the 1970s in all of its large-scale concerts. One minute there will be a choir of 160 voices from all over the world, the next, a colossal orchestral work that lasts 103 minutes. At one point there will be a three-part evening of Stockhausen; at another, a “high voltage” event featuring electroacoustics, video and soprano. With a lineup that includes the singer Barbara Hannigan, the Sixtrum percussion ensemble, the Bozzini quartet, the Sirius Atlanta duo, and some of Montreal’s finest soloists, the SMCQ is bound to deliver a legendary season!