Montréal, Thursday, January 29, 2009 —

Musical Event of the Year

We are pleased to announce that the inaugural edition of our Série Hommage (tribute series) has taken home the Conseil Québécois’s Opus prize for “Musical Event of the Year.” The tribute series was dedicated to legendary composer Claude Vivier. Our win in this category—one of the most prestigious—signals mission accomplished for the SMCQ’s Série Hommage, and its goal of, “creating a real artistic convergence around a single composer to have him recognized as a national treasure.” (Follow this link to the Vivier Série Hommage)

Composer of the Year / Premiere of the Year

Our congratulations go out to Nicolas Gilbert, member of the SMCQ’s artistic committee, who was doubly honoured during the Opus prize ceremonies. This young composer was awarded prizes in both the “Composer of the Year” and “Premiere of the Year” categories, the latter for his Circuits Parallèles, performed by the Ensemble de la SMCQ last April.

Article of the Year

Congratulations are also extended to Noémie Pascal, executive assistant and communications supervisor for the SMCQ, who garnered the prize for “Article of the Year” for a text entitled, “Musiques au Tournant du XXIe Siècle: L’Unité dans la Diversité,” which appeared in Musiques, une Encyclopédie pour le XXIe Siècle, Vol. 5: L’Unité dans la Musique, edited by Jean-Jacques Nattiez (Arles, Actes Sud/Cité de la musique).

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