SMCQ musicians have ended their tour of France with a somewhat sad leave taking of Radio France’s Parisian concert halls, where they spent four productive days. They took in the unique sound of the halls, explored the “Ali Baba Caverns” housing hundreds of instruments, had the chance to converse with some of the many musicians who are part of the two house orchestras, and traded notes with a few of 120 salaried singers in Radio France’s chorus—in all, an irreplaceable experience. They return full of appreciation for the attention to detail paid by the producers who recorded the concerts, who took the time to analyze the scores to create recordings of exceptional quality. Together these experiences revealed Paris as a true city of Culture; a real fountain of youth for musicians! And it’s a place we associate with a sense of pride as we reflect back on the welcoming audience that came out in force for us on three occasions—over 1000 people in two days!

News written by Pierrette Gingras and posted on Monday, March 23, 2009.