Here, to discover every day until May 18th, the 13 poems by Sandeep Bhagwati who inspired his lastest creation Niemandslandhymnen.

VI — Clouds

Into the void, into hazes and mists, vague inchoate streams,
you transient steamscapes spindrift, rejoicing in recondite
Ctenoid [1] cumulonimbiness [2] fashioned by thermic baremes [3]…

O cirriform [4] jottings, scrawled into aether in empassioned white,
Ay, we scan you but fleetingly, poising our eyes to deduce
Familiar shapes in your bayesian [5] turbulence — however light

We might make of our naïve conceit: parsing skies as a text to peruse
By romantic elites, quaint believers who love to enthuse — and negate
Aerosols, droplets or ice flakes: the evidence scientists use

To decipher your vacuous paradise — that we help populate
with our civilized wheezing, the bilious vice we exhale:
What once was intimate now must evaporate.

  1. the form of a certain type of fish scale, that has a visible flat edge and a hidden serrated edge, just like a cumulonimbus cloud, flat where we see it and billowing above.
  2. neologism: "thunderstorm cloudiness"
  3. a graded scale
  4. formed like feathery cirrus cloud.
  5. Named after 18th century mathematician Thomas Bayes, Bayesian probability takes into account reasoned assumptions that emerge as processes unfold — here likened to the gradual invention of meaning when we look for animals or faces in clouds.

News posted on Saturday, May 13, 2017.

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