amplified flute

Inspired by the mesmerizing tones of the shakuhashi, Tenderness of Cranes (“Tsuru No Tsugomori” or la douceur des hérons) oscillates between two musical cultures: Japanese traditional music and contemporary music. Indeed, here we discover all the meditative music of the East. Techniques used in this piece are derived from the Japanese shakuhashi, and from the modern flute: inflections of intonation, breath, variations of the vibrato, flutterzunge, quarter-tones, change of timbre and multiphonics. The title is inspired from herons, who, once they form a couple remain together for life. Tenderness of Cranes won the Lee Ettelson Composer’s Award and the National Flute Association New Music Competition in 1992.

Traduction Peggy Niloff [v-13]