To Lorraine Vaillancourt and to the musicians of the Nouvel ensemble moderne.

Alap et Gat are the formal concepts of classical instrumental music of North India. Alap is a slow and non pulsated introduction that progressively presents the notes of the raga. Raga is a complex melodic concept which includes, among others, the notion of mode (from 5 to 7 notes) and that of melodic pattern. Gat is the rhythmic and fast section which presents a melody, yet within the same raga. This melody is repeated in multiple ways, articulated by a steady accelerando.

I have conceived my piece from these ideas. The equivalent of the raga is here a long melody of more than 80 notes on which the melodic and harmonic discourse is based. The first part, Alap, slowly explores the notes of the melody from low to high register. The second part, Gat, is a pulsated music organized on a long accelerando. The piece ends with a coda which brings back the chararcter of the beginning.


  • Score available at CMC, Région du Québec.
  • Recording: CD: Atma ACD 2 2242