This concert for turntables claims to be an innovative project aiming to underline the various facets of the Montreal electronic/house/techno scene. This grouping of all the buroughs proposes a new way of producing music live collectively.

The concept is rather simple. There are 8 DJs and a conductor on the stage. The number of DJs can vary, but each one has a turntable, a mixer and some records which he will have chosen with care (the goal being to create music from different sound sources). The conductor controls the mixing properly by adjusting the volumes and gives the show its particular character.

It is a project that many had imagined and talked about, but at Complot we like to go all the way. The event illustrates the kind of projects that Complot favors and remains a great challenge for us, for the orchestra and its conductor, as well as for the organizers.

The first performance, which took place on November 26, 2005, was a great success (video: Those who were present have been asking for more and are still talking about it. The project was then presented at the Théâtre Châtelet in Paris on September 9 of last year—and comments about that show are still being heard. Parisians came to see an unusual show that was truly original. The third edition also took place at the SAT on September 23, 2006.

Within the framework of the festival Montréal Nouvelles Musiques, Complot accomplishes great things! With the conducor Walter Boudreau and the soloist Martin Tétreault, this concert will be as memorable as it is dazzling. Moreover, we’ll have the opportunity to see the Quasar saxophonists as special guests.