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10 wind instruments

This work is divided into three broad sections and written for an ensemble of ten wind instruments: two flutes (and two piccolos), two oboes (and English horn), two clarinets (and bass clarinet), two bassoons (and contrabassoon), and two horns. A commission of the Nieuw Belgisch Kamerorkest (The New Belgian Chamber Orchestra), this work was composed in 1989, inspired by the following Zen text:

It was beyond the eye’s reach / Beyond the reach of words / Of thought / We do not know / We do not understand / Even speaking is an error

1- Creation consists of seven sections suggesting the seven days of the biblical genesis. It is structured as a palindrome, with the fourth section as the center.

2- Earth expresses the Dance of Shiva using a five-part formal scheme.

3- Eternity is cast in a very free form, the high point being the entrance of the chorale “Von Himmel hoch, da komm’ ich her.”