Integral/parent work: paNi intiyA

“Now an interminable mail-train passed on the railway tracks that formed the horizon visible in the gaps between the houses on the other side of Vidyasagar Road. For a while, all the other local and habitual noises, of birds and cars, were subsumed under the long, swelling note of the mail-train whistle, which, with its lone trumpeting, made the air vibrate around one. After, when the train had gone, the air was cleansed, and the room was as quiet as its reflection in the dressing-table mirror, with Oil of Olay, Lacto-calamine, Vaseline, Ponds Dream Flower Talc and two lipsticks arranged carefully, with all devotion and seriousness, on the shelf before it.” (Amit Chaudhuri – Waking)


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