soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone, 5 percussions and piano

Orch. Jean Lacornerie, 2009

The insane and impossible love of Maria and Tony, the metal stairways of New York, the violence of Manhattan, the gangs, adolescence and the intensity of life… it’s West Side Story, a work filled with popular songs, a dreamlike America, enchanted and sung about around which Gérard Lecointe, Bernard Tétu and Jean Lacornerie reunite again. The first had already transcribed Bernstein’s score who 25 years ago had agreed to this version. The second had gone without hesitation from opera to the lyricism of his 1960s hits. And the third, in his love for American musical comedy, had already adapted several of Bernstein’s works for the stage. So it is a journey across a revisited work that the trio proposes to us, a version adapted for voice, percussion and piano, a concert arranged in space, a rhythmic plunge into the depths of the West Side, and for PCLs, a new version of this masterpiece. Combining song and percussion brings back all the strength, the violence, the lyricism and the love contained in this score, and to transform the acts initially danced into a veritable musical ballet of the percussionists.