guitar, viola, saxophone and piano

Commission: Tsilumos Ensemble, with support from the CCA with support from the Siemens Stiftung

The June 2nd Movement was a West German anarchist direct action group, active from 1971 to 1980. It was named for the date that German activist Benno Ohnesorg was shot by the police (June 2nd 1967). The group used urban guerilla tactics to attack and expose conservative elements in German society; specifically individuals who had played a role in the Nazi republic and not taken responsibility for their actions.

The work plays with the notion of equal balance of all four instruments in the musical texture. At various points throughout the music one instrument will gain prominence, or a duo will emerge, and then be subsumed within the texture once again. A duo of Viola and Saxophone playing whining, sinewy sounds is contrasted by a percussive duo of guitar and piano.