trumpet and processing

Il temps-te is a theme and variations piece for cornet with quadriphonic live electronics, with improvisations for flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet and trumpet, that was written especially for Frédéric Demers. The title of the piece is a pun that literarily means: He Time-You and sounds like He Get Tempted. Il temps-te has a custom application, namely a Max/MSP patch operated by a sound shifter. This patch comprises a delay system of 16 voices in a quadraphonic arrangement as well as a tool for producing a canon effect for Il répète movement. This piece needs a second musician who specializes in live electronics; like an accompanist, who must follow both the musician and the score in order to initiate correctly timed effects, processing and sound movements. As much as the improvisations uses frameworks, the variations and the stage movements in this piece are strictly written.



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