Decay is an interactive sound installation/performance by Navid Navab, conceived spontaneously in March 2011 for the ”手向け Tamuke” Solidarity with Japan event for which Sandeep Bhagwati had also written the Haikus. In view of Japan’s triple catastrophe in summer 2011 and also in view of many other natural and man-made disasters that humans face everyday, Navab’s Decay encourages us to recognize the material world as a platform for enlightened practices: to press against, to locate resonance, to situate the body, and to engage the world as a site of buried sound. Decay invites audiences and performers to interact with natural and artificial found objects acoustically transmuted into sculptural electronic instruments, evoking post tsunami debris. Performers can rely solely on their felt engagement with real matter, and in the process invent their own repertoire of meaningful gestures. This leads not only to unexpected musicality but to narratives about shaping relationships with the immediate world. Modulated through movement, objects sing of their past lives and continually recompose themselves into new meanings. Through varied augmentation of the object’s acoustical response, the natural and the synthetic collapse in immediate vibrational relation, whispering that perhaps we are produced by objects as much as we create them. For today’s event, selected elements from the original installation have been recreated for the trio to perform in short interludes throughout the concert.



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