Founded by an intergenerational group including young composers who wanted their music to be heard, the SMCQ has always made room for the next generation. Over the years, she has learned to keep a balance between music from the past, present and future.

  • Language: French
  • Episode duration: 23:46
  • Date added: April 29, 2022

Works heard

Persons mentioned


  • Animation: Lorraine Pintal
  • Chronique, recherche: Réjean Beaucage
  • Technique: Philippe Bouvrette
  • Conseiller à la réalisation: Laurent Major
  • Réalisation: Christian O’Leary
  • Idée originale: Marie Décary
  • Diffusion: Magnéto
  • Production: SMCQ sous la direction artistique de Walter Boudreau, 2021