What does the future hold for the SMCQ and contemporary music? The challenges of audiences, digital media and diversity, already present, have been accentuated with the pandemic. What is certain is that there will always be musical creation. Long live the SMCQ!

  • Language: French
  • Episode duration: 31:23
  • Date added: May 5, 2022

Works heard

Persons mentioned


  • Animation: Lorraine Pintal
  • Chronique, recherche: Réjean Beaucage
  • Technique: Philippe Bouvrette
  • Conseiller à la réalisation: Laurent Major
  • Réalisation: Christian O’Leary
  • Idée originale: Marie Décary
  • Diffusion: Magnéto
  • Production: SMCQ sous la direction artistique de Walter Boudreau, 2021