Audience Development, Creative Music and Education: Building the Future

February 27-28, 2009

Organized by the CNMN, in collaboration with: MNM, CMC, FAMEQ.

For creative concert music of all genres to flourish, there must be a strong connection with the Canadian public. How do we make and expand that connection? FORUM 2009 explores ways of using creative music as both an audience development tool and as an educational focus, bringing together artists, organisations and educators in order to build new partnerships, to make new music and creative music education at the heart of the Canadian musical experience.

Keynote Speaker: R Murray Schafer

Invited international participants

  • Birmingham Contemporary Music Ensemble (BCMG, UK)
  • Blue Yeti (France)
  • René Bosc (France)
  • Dr Hermann-Christoph Müller (Germany)

Round Tables

  1. Creative music, education and society: a critical connection
    • Dr Hermann-Christoph Müller (Germany)
    • Steven McAdams (McGill University)
    • Raffi Armenian (Conservatoire de musique de Montréal)
  1. Audience development: creative music strategies
    • Alex Pauk (Esprit Orchestra )
    • Coat Cooke (Now Orchestra)
    • Matt Haimovitz (McGill University)
    • René Bosc (Radio France)
    • Nancy Evans (BCMG-UK)
  1. Creative music education: the key to the future
    • Valerie Peters (Université Laval)
    • Association canadienne des éducateurs de musique (CMEA)
    • Tawnie Olson (composer, USA)


  • Patricia Abbott (Creative choral music)
  • Allan Bell (Composing for young musicians)
  • Gilles Mottet (France; Musique et collectivité)
  • Tawnie Olson (USA; Composing with young musicians)
  • BCMG (UK; Creative music audience development)
  • Blue Yeti (France; Technologie des musiques de création)
  • Valerie Peters (Université Laval; La science de la créativité)
  • Katherine Carlton (Creative music and audience development in orchestras)
  • Barbara Scales (Les musiques nouvelles et les réseaux de diffuseurs)

Programme subject to change without prior notification.


Membres du RCMN, du CMC, de CLC, de l’ACEM, de la FAMEQ et de l’AEMQ:

  • Before 09.02.14: 55$
  • After 09.02.14: 65$
  • Non-members: 110$

Registration includes an onsite buffet lunch on both days and MNM Festival concert tickets for February 26th and 27th.

Hotel rooms will be available to conference attendees at the Festival MNM rate (TBA).


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