Journalist and presenter of the scientific culture news program Les années lumière (Ici Radio-Canada Première), Yanick Villedieu is a brilliant communicator. His curiosity, spanning science to technology, including current events and culture make him the ideal festival spokesperson.

Why did you agree to become the spokesperson of the MNM festival?

I found my experience last year as animator of the SMCQ concert (Six thèmes solaires) very stimulating. So, when Walter Boudreau, with his usual enthusiasm, came to me with this proposal, I was happy to continue the adventure.

How do you approach contemporary music?

In the same way as I sometimes listen to experimental jazz: with a desire to discover novelties. I am fed up with the thousand light-years of often-held prejudices against contemporary music. During the festival, I particularly look forward to hearing how the Surroundings and New Technologies theme is interpreted on the stage.

What particularly inspires you about this theme?

Surroundings and New Technologies have a stronger link than we might assume of, placing humans in front of their future. Simultaneously they are bearers of hope — I’m thinking of the back to nature movement, of progress… but also of fear — ecological disasters, dehumanization. But if science and technology can be disturbing, it can also propose solutions to environmental problems. All that remains is to set it to music!

By Guillaume De Pauw