Welcome to the 2006 edition of MusiMarch!

This year MusiMarch pays tribute to several composers from Nordic countries, in particular Sweden’s Anders Hillborg, Denmark’s Bent Sørensen, Norway’s Lasse Thoresen, and Iceland’s Haukur Tómason—all scheduled to be in Montreal for an entire week. These composers seem to share a pronounced sense of the “exquisite” in their music, wrought through harmonic colour and timbre, and often exuding a sonic poetry that is as forcefully evocative as it is finely chiseled. These works recall the idea of music as transposition, sublimation and acoustic formalization of sensations that was so dear to the impressionists. Birds and Bells and Shadowland by Sørensen are superb examples of this. Some of the pieces are also richly invested in popular traditions, drawing inspiration from folklore even as they reinvent it, as is the case for the extraordinary Løp, Lokk og Linjar by Lasse Thoresen with singer Karen Young.

These works will provide a background against which we will be able to discover and rediscover the highly imaginative, colourful and suggestive—sometimes dreamlike—worlds of Ana Sokolović (Géométrie sentimentale is one of her most fascinating works) and Yannick Plamondon (watch for the premiere of L’Ange casseur by the SMCQ), as well as the hybrid sonic constructions in constant motion of Laurie Radford (including a world premiere for the Icelandic ensemble Caput and the Schulich School of Music’s Digital Composition Studio). We will also have the occasion to hear—often in their Canadian premieres—music by Edvard Grieg, Anders Hillborg (his fascinating Celestial Mechanics by the Schulich School’s CME), Per Nørgärd, Krzysztof Penderecki, Santa Ratniece (a premiere by the Molinari quartet) and R. Murray Schafer (the premiere of his Quartet No 10 also by the Molinari group).

The Molinari quartet, the Caput ensemble, the CME and Chamber Choir of McGill University’s Schulich School of Music, the Ensemble de la SCMQ with a variety of soloists including Ingrid Schmithüsen, Julianne Klein, Karen Young and Alain Trudel invite you to share in this music in the warm environment of its concerts, meetings and gatherings that will take place at McGill University’s Schulich School of Music.

See you soon!

Denys Bouliane