Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône, France), 1950

Calon’s first works emerged in Canada and soon brought him international attention. In the nineties he became involved in many electroacoustic and experimental music associations and, in 1995, was invited by the DAAD to Berlin, where he took up residence. His artistic research at that time led to the development of a widely used graphical multichannel spatialisation system based on the principle of holophony (Sigma1 at APBTools/Germany, and Holophon at GMEM/France). A free-lance artist, he now lives in Montréal.

His concert works, sound installations and radio projects explore the subject of time as well as the experience of listening and of the audible, implying an ongoing process of investigation into new technologies. He is very interested in the art of radio and narrative sound forms, to which he devotes part of his production.

His work is performed world-wide. His first solo CD Ligne de vie (IMED 9001) was selected for the 1990 Grammy Awards (USA) and the second CD Les corps éblouis (IMED 9838) was nominated for the album of the year at the 1998 Opus Awards (Canada). His music is published on the empreintes DIGITALes label (Montréal) and has appears on various labels (recently released: The Ulysses Project and The little man in the ear).