Visual artist (filmmaking)

Phil Comeau directed over 100 feature and TV films, both documentaries and fictional. His productions were shot in over 20 countries, garnered 80 festival awards, translated into 26 languages and broadcast in nearly 200 countries.

Phil’s fiction work covers about 50 productions amongst them the drama feature film Le Secret de Jérôme, a first Québec-Acadie co-production, and two TV movies Teen Knight, shot in Romania and the US, as well as Le crash du siècle in France. He also directed popular drama series such as Émilie de Nouvelle-Lune, La Sagouine, Pit Pony, Lassie and which attracted nearly 1.3 million viewers.

Phil’s recent documentary features include Zachary Richard toujours batailleur, Vague d’Acadie, Ron Turcotte jockey légendaire, et Frédéric Back grandeur nature. His most popular series are Les couleurs de mon accent, Tall Ship Chronicles, Les nouveaux détectives, Archéologie and the docudrama Mayday.