Composer • Performer (drum kit)

Benoit Coté received an award for composition from the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal in 2005, completing his PhD in music at the Université de Montréal in 2013. A versatile artist, he has produced music for theatre, dance and advertising, as well as works commissioned by ECM+, Codes d’accès, New Music Concerts (Toronto) and the Orchestre Symphonique de Longueuil. He also contributed to La Fugue, a musical theatre piece presented by the Société de musique contemporaine du Québec; winner of the 2010 Prix Opus for best youth-oriented production, the work has already been performed before over one hundred audiences in Quebec and abroad. In 2006, Benoit earned a first-place award in composition from the SOCAN Foundation with Dis-moi quelque chose, followed by second place in 2008 for Pan-toutt. In 2007, in addition to receiving a Prix Opus nomination for Les Chiens in the category of creative work of the year, he was invited as an artist in residence to the Festival en Chanson de Petite-Vallée. Since 2005, he has taken part in projects aimed at concert dramatization, serving alternately as author, scriptwriter and stage director.

Traduction Michelle Wong [ii-15]