After a bachelor in theater studies at UQAM, Gabrielle Couillard explored a wide variety of live shows, both on the production side and on various aspects of sound, particularly interested in the conception of rich soundscapes evoking precious memories of places and feelings. She is currently doing a research-creation master’s degree, mixing various technical and artistic tools, such as poetic writing, field recording and the use of complex Fx chains to build abstract little sound universes. Her main interest is sound spatialisation and immersion, both for the creative and technical aspects. She explores the relation between the space and the body through sound from her own experience of disability (Dispositif Espace-Corps, UQAM, 2022-2023). Since 2019, she also takes part in telematic improvisation sessions and creative work, amongst other collaborators from Colombia, Netherlands, Toronto and Montréal, including the Live drone series with Kasey Pocius, that took place weekly over the course of a complete year during the pandemic.