Composer • Performer (saxophones, voice)

Kris Covlin began his studies in Edmonton with William Street and has worked with many renowned performers. He pursued classical saxophone in Paris, winning a first prize for interpretation under the guidance of saxophonist Jean-Michel Goury.

During his time in France, Kris communicated with artists from a variety of fields. These conversations sparked a keen interest in the expressive potential of sound, both as it relates to the saxophone and its broader contexts. His explorations into the social and musical dimensions of sound continue to inform his approach to music making.

Now based in Victoria, BC, Kris regularly plays a variety of musical styles. He is developing his capabilities in jazz, rock and Dixieland music while continuing to study and perform written and improvised contemporary music.

Kris Covlin is part of the next generation of artists; voraciously learning, perpetually changing, in a state of continual flux. As such, he strives to engage the past while envisioning new musical horizons. He conceives of the saxophone as an instrument of incredible versatility. Its ability to adapt to any musical context makes it an ideal medium for collaboration, and for furthering a conception of music unencumbered by aesthetic preoccupations particular to music as an art form.