Val-d’Or (Québec), 1939
Performer • Author

Upon completion of his secondary education, Raôul Duguay pursued his studies in philosophy at the level of the doctorate. He launched his career as an interdisciplinary, multi-talented, innovative and eminently marginal artist at the outset of the 1960s. A co-founder of L’Infonie with Walter Boudreau, his artistic personality is multi-faceted: professor of philosophy and aesthetics at the Université de Montréal as well at CÉGEP Maisonneuve, professor of poetry composition at UQAM, speaker, literary and music critic, Raôul Duguay is also a poet, singer, comedian, playwright, and author-composer. His publications include a number of texts written for journals such as Mainmise, Liberté, Hobo-QuAfter his classical training, Raôul Duguay pursued studies in philosophy until his doctorate and it was in the early sixties that he began his career as a multidisciplinary, versatile,innovative and eminently marginal artist. Co-founder of L’Infonie with Walter Boudreau, the evolution of his artistic personality reflects many facets: professor of philosophy and aesthetics at the University of Montréal and at Cégep Maisonneuve, professor of poetic writing technique at UQAM, lecturer, literary critic and musical columnist, Raôul Duguay is also a poet, singer, actor, playwright and songwriter. To these publications can be added the many texts he wrote for magazines such as Mainmise, Liberté, Hobo-Québec, as well as a few unpublished plays. He has also appeared as an actor in some films and is the author of several records. In 1991, his poem Golgot (h) a, which he performed to music by Walter Boudreau, won the Paul-Gilson Prize. Since then, he has been preparing a collection of his political texts under the title Kébèk. Mirrors and memories, while starting a new tour which precedes the launch of the album J’ai soif. It is entirely dedicated to the preservation of drinking water, a cause for which it is involved in particular by joining the Coalition Eau Secours! The two projects ended in the fall of 2010, while the filmmaker Yves Langlois directed, in 2019, the film Raôul Duguay beyond La Bittt à Tibi.ébec, as well as some unpublished works for the theatre. He has also appeared as a comedian in film, and is the author of several CDs. In 1991 he was awarded the Prix Paul-Gilson, for his poem Golgot(h)a that he performed on Walter Boudreau’s music.