France, 1949

Jean-François Estager has been an associate composer at Grame since 1983 where he develops educational programs in music appreciation and composition for elementary and secondary schools and colleges. He teaches in the music/image programmme at the Université of Caen. Estager writes works for concerts in electroacoustic and instrumental genres, as well as works using digital processing. He has collaborated with various improv artists to test interactive music systems and develop an educational project for music composition in schools. Estager has also worked with various ensembles, including PCL, EOC, Aleph, Tm+ and 2e2m in Paris, Arraymusic in Toronto, and Archaeus in Romania. Estager writes music for dance and theatre, and has teamed up with choreographer Diana Tidswell and artist Euan Burnet-Smith on various artistic productions. Several of his pieces have been recorded by Forlane, ECM and Instant Présent. He has an ongoing project to develop a compositional approach to co-writing with James Giroudon, and works with other artists to create awareness in schools and universities.