Paris (France), 1929 – Arezzo (Italy), 2005

Luc Ferrari was born in Paris in 1929.

What about this first sentence; first 1929.

He wrote several autobiographies, with falsified data. Writing drives him mad, you never should ask him about that. And whereas he didn’t dare to make himself younger, he made himself older.

So there are a lot of false data going around, which he enjoyed before. Now he doesn’t enjoy it anymore so much.

Next: born in Paris.

He questions himself: born in Paris!

He wonders what if he’d been born in his father’s small village in Corsica? What if he’d been born in Marseille where his mother grew up? He wonders what he would have become if he’d been born in Italy, the land of his forefathers and foremothers. He does not have any answer to all these questions.