Composer and Professor in “création sonore et média expérimental à l’École des médias” at UQAM, Simon Pierre Gourd is one of the founding members of the Institut Universitaire des Nouveaux Médias, now known as the Institut de Recherche et Création en Arts et Technologies Médiatiques (Hexagram). His research focuses on the development of interactive systems for new media, as well as the study of sound issues in a context of interactivity and the use of new technologies. He is particularly interested in the perception of sound language and the phenomena of representation emerging from new current practices.

His work also proposes a meeting of the living and the artificial automaton for an Art of the Imaginary. He is also a research member of the GRMS (Groupe de Recherche-création en Médiatisation du Son) and the Laboratoire de Développement en Environments Immersifs et Interactifs (Labo DeII). To his credit Gourd has creations in various fields: acousmatic music, sound creations for new media, cinema, radio, television, theatre, visual arts and dance. His works have been broadcast in Europe, the United States and Canada. Research and Interests: Media creation and interactive media; experimental music and new technology issues; sound applied to multimedia; musical aesthetics and sound language reception. Conservation of works and technological artefacts from artistic practices. Methodology of creative research.